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Author: EA Safonov

Publisher: "Williams"

Format: 2 format in the archive - pdf, word

Year: 2008

Pages: 144

Russian language

This book is for those who want to earn money without leaving your home, for those who need new business partners who want to pay for the goods less than he really is. It briefly, but accurately and in a very accessible way given the most necessary information about working at eBay - the most well-known, untwisted and accessible to all interested international online auction where you can sell or buy anything, and at reasonable prices.

The author wrote the book for the Russian (and abroad, all who live in Russia, are perceived as Russian, regardless of nationality). Therefore, all the differences are taken into account (and they are very large), the problems and realities of international trade because of Russia. The information that is in this small book, making you successful on eBay.

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