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Good time of day!

Until now, few know that the computer can be used as an alarm clock. However, this is only possible in Windows Me / 2000 / XP by the Task Scheduler, and in a very artful way Win98 (See below.).



The program is designed for fans instead of an alarm clock for the morning start WinAmp / QCD, and does not like to fall from the bed of a sudden the music began :-)



1. The operating system is Windows 98 / Me / 2000 / XP;

2. Form Factor ATX / mATX, support OnNow;

3. The presence of a sound card and speakers;

4. Fixed player WinAmp v2.x / QCD v3.x



Task Scheduler at a specified time includes computer and launches GoodMorning !, which in turn starts the selected player and gradually increases the volume of playback.

This product comes in a Zip archive.

konplekt in part 3 of the file:

1 folder with the program - Clock. (Program)

1 file format txt - Read!

1 file in Zip - GIFT. (Very convenient hours for your desktop with skins)

Instructions for installation steps and the use contained in the product.

Gift attached Zip file. (It is convenient for desktop clock with skins)

I give you 100% guarantee that you will not regret the purchase !!!
Alarm Clock + very comfortable for your desktop with skins

We hope that you will appreciate our service and the quality of our goods!

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Yuri Sergeev
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