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It provides information about the various countries of the world.

You easily find smozhtte flags and coats of arms of countries information on their location. Moreover a lot of information in Russia (by regions, areas, regions, republics, territories) Finally, coats of arms and flags of Russian entities, including the cities!

New in this version - of hymns, improved quality flags.

We present maps of countries, a variety of statistical data on the geographical location of their political structure, leaders and parties, religion and ethnic composition of the population, economic development and international cooperation.

It contains more than 1,000 color illustrations, photos leaders; the image of national flags; more than 100 national tunes and the national anthem.

For clarity, many of the statistics presented in the form of diagrams.

Handbook is aimed at a wide range of users interested in geography, economics, statistics, social science, policy and other related disciplines.
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После оплаты дается неработающая ссылка, в итоге товар не получен.
Ссылку исправили, фаил скачал. В фаиле диск 1996 года.