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You want to abstain from having children? Our legislation abortion is permitted. But abortion - is:

a) the cause of inflammatory disease in women;

b) the path to infertility;

c) maternal mortality, ie, mortality associated with childbirth, in all stages of pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum period from bleeding, blood poisoning, perforation of the uterus, etc .;

g) premature senility;

d) loss of satisfaction from intimate relationships, the way to family problems;

e) Finally, abortion - killing a person is at an early stage of its development.

Abortion can be avoided.

This requires a minimum of knowledge in the field of contraception, the ability to prevent an unwanted pregnancy!

If you are going to get acquainted with the available methods of birth control, in this little book, you'll learn which one is most suitable:

 depending on your age;

 if you want to temporarily refrain from pregnancy, and then to give birth;

 When you have completed maternal function and do not want more children;

 if you have no children, but in the future you are going to get them.

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