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With a purchase of 80 MILLION - AUTOMATIC 40% discount! From 50 million = 30% discount, from 20 million. = 20% discount, from 5 million. = 10% discount
HUGE DISCOUNT for wholesale (the more you buy - the more discount!) And INSTANT delivery!

ОМ INSTANT DELIVERY! 🔴 (after 1 (ONE) MINUTE after payment and your sending of the 16-digit code (received immediately after purchase) in the "Correspondence with the seller"!
Skip the page where it says "send the code to the seller immediately" (because in this case I will NOT receive a notification about the code and instant delivery will not work) and send the code via CORRESPONDENCE!
You will receive the paid amount of koins on the indicated VC page (the link to which must be indicated before payment) in ONE MINUTE after you have paid and SEND ME a message with a 16-digit CODE (via the “E-mail with the seller” tab), this tab will be at the bottom of the page after payment), you will receive this 16-digit code immediately after payment. As soon as you send the code in the correspondence, you can note the time of delivery with a stopwatch:) </ delivery>

You can CHOOSE to the right (under the payment button) YOU NEED VK Coin NUMBER (the number in the number of thousands of coins):
K = number of thousands
To buy, for example, 1 million koins, you need to enter 10 units (10 units * 100K = 10x1000000 = 1 000 000), etc.

At a time, you can only pay a maximum of 80 million. But you can buy many times in a row for 80 million.

🔴After the purchase you will receive a code that must be sent to me in the "correspondence with the seller" (tick on the page to send the code to the seller is useless! You just need your message with the code through the correspondence at the bottom of the page after the purchase), because Only AFTER receiving this code I will be able to confirm the payment and send you your purchase. </ attention> When purchasing, you must enter the Vkontakte page to which you need to transfer the money you paid.
After the purchase, you do not need to do ANYTHING, but you just need to wait until the paid amount of coins is transferred to your page, which you indicated at the time of purchase.

P.S. In case of force majeure or emergency cases, the delivery of coins can take from several minutes (most often) to 12 hours (this is the maximum period). The countdown starts from the moment when you send me a 16-digit code “in correspondence with the seller” (received by you after payment). But no matter what happens, you will receive the product at the price at which it was paid, even if the market situation changes again and prices will soar even more. I have never had any refusals in delivering goods (even if the situation did not change in my favor), which is why I have ZERO negative feedback and ZERO returns. I always have only honesty and quality.
You can pay less than 10 rubles only with WebMoney - take this into account!

РекомендI also recommend paying attention to other MY products that you might be even more interested in (for example, other, slightly more expensive IVI Accounts with even more months of subscription or vice versa even cheaper accounts with fewer months of subscription ... and Among my ads will be very, very cheap IVI certificates for self-activation on new accounts). All my current active ads (products available for purchase at the moment) can be found in my profile:

P.S. Most please do not forget to leave positive feedback (enough to spend only 10-15 seconds to write a short review). Thank you in advance for your FEEDBACK! 🔴 </ attention> </ delivery>
14.05.2019 16:19:59
Все супер
12.05.2019 13:06:24
Быстрая доставка! Все пришло!
11.05.2019 1:32:12
Работа качественная)
06.05.2019 11:35:33
все гуд
04.05.2019 11:36:59
Всё отлично
04.05.2019 11:03:25
Все быстро
01.05.2019 17:36:06
Отлично, все пришло))) рекомендую!
27.04.2019 15:25:32
Рили робит
27.04.2019 7:59:26
пришло, все ок
25.04.2019 19:24:55
Товар успешно пришёл

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