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LEGO WORLD JURAL PERIOD Region Free Multilanguage

Region: The whole world
Languages: Russian (text only), English, DE, FR, IT, PL, SP, DN, NL


The new game from the famous LEGO series covers the events of both the cult films “Jurassic Park”, “Jurassic Park 2: The Lost World” and “Jurassic Park 3”, and the upcoming blockbuster “Jurassic World”, which will appear on movie screens in June . Now all fans will have a great opportunity to personally participate in all the films of the tetralogy, rethought and reworked in the unique LEGO style - literally re-created cult scenes and large-scale action episodes will leave no one indifferent!

Do not miss the chance to reveal all the secrets of the islands of Isla-Nublar and Isla-Sorna!

Game features:

Key moments of all the films of tetralogy: 65 million years of evolution spawned a grand LEGO adventure!
These different LEGO dinosaurs: who will become your favorite - peace-loving Triceratops, deadly raptor, malicious compusognath or mighty tyrannosaurus? There are a total of 20 types of prehistoric creatures to choose from!
The own collection of the Jurassic period: special amber LEGO blocks will open the way to genetic experiments and allow you to create completely new prehistoric creatures, such as Dilophosauri.
The islands of Isla Nublar and Isla Sorna are at your disposal: send your own bred dinosaurs to the green expanses in special tasks for free play.
Play with friends and family: join and leave the game at any time!

Key activation:
- If you do not have a Steam client, then download and install it
- Start it, register in or log in to an existing account
- In the "My Games" section, select "Activate Product Code"
- In the activation menu that opens, enter the game key you purchased and follow the system prompts
- After activation is complete, you will be prompted to download and install the game.
25.02.2019 8:48:31
спасибо за ключ!

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