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Unique (that is, one-time!) certificates for activating an IVI subscription for 1 month (30 days) for ANY (old and new) accounts! There is only one exception: on the accounts created through Aytyuns, NO codes work! In this case, I strongly recommend buying one of my ready-made account with a subscription (large selection by number of months):
In case of problems with code activation, you will NOT get answers from me:
1) "These are your problems"
2) "The IVF anti-fraud system is to blame" (this does not happen, the IVI system works clearly according to certain rules)
3) "Code WORK" (but you can not activate it on the OLD account)
4) "Buy 2 codes and if the second one is not activated, then wait until the subscription ends and then activate" (the system never worked like this, there are clear conditions and in 99% one type of code can be activated only once and it is useless to wait!)
5) In case of problems with activation, you will NOT be sent to IVI tech support. I INDEPENDENTLY deal with each case, if a problem really arises.
6) In case of unsuccessful activation HERE, you will not hear any suggestions to register a new account and use the code there. You did buy an expensive code to activate it on the OLD account? (after all, the code for a new account usually costs many, many times cheaper)

I give a guarantee on the “successful activation” of the code on your account. If suddenly it happens that you cannot activate the certificate (there will be a message "activation limit exceeded"), then just send me a message, I will check that you really could not activate the purchased code (and it was not activated) and give you such a replacement code that you can activate at home (there are even several options for replacement).
On the same account, you can activate the code ONLY 1 TIME (codes themselves are unique / disposable, but here it means that if you buy 2 different codes at once, you can only activate 1 code on ONE account) .
If you want to buy MORE ONE MONTH and IMMEDIATELY activate and 💎💎💎 extend the subscription to MORE YEAR MONTH💎💎💎, then buy the code ONLY if it is here (ONLY once and only if you haven’t previously bought the code there because of your account You can activate each type of code only ONCE):
</ delivery> </ attention>1) Immediately after payment, in 3-5 seconds you will automatically open the page with the purchase + your purchase will also come to your email.
2) Warranty activation ONLY for the country: RUSSIA🔴 Complaints are NOT accepted if activation problems arise when you try to activate in other countries! If you want to use in other countries (Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus and other countries of the CIS and foreign countries), then I recommend to buy a READY net account, choosing a suitable option, a choice of options is big in my profile (see the list of active ads): http: //
3) To activate this code (and almost any other codes), you need to bind a bank card (a card with a ZERO balance will not work) </ attention>attentionРекоменд I also recommend to pay attention to other MY products (for example, NEW IVI Accounts with a large selection of the number of months of subscription):
🔴🔴🔴 </ attention> </ delivery>
To activate:
1) Go to the site or install the IVI application
2) Register
3) Go to the "Activate Certificate" section and enter the received certificate </ delivery>
Instructions for activation on devices running Android, Smart TV, computer and "in the ivi application for Windows 8 and Windows 10" can be read here:

Instructions "How to activate the certificate on iphone or ipad (IOS)": also recommend paying attention to other MY products that you might be even more interested in (for example, other, slightly more expensive IVI Accounts with an even greater number of months of subscription, or vice versa even cheaper accounts with fewer months of subscription ... and also among my ads there will be very, very cheap IVI certificates for self-activation on new accounts). With all my current active (products available for purchase at the moment) ads can be found in my profile:
26.05.2019 9:18:25
Все работает!
25.05.2019 16:09:28
Все сработало.Спасибо;)
25.05.2019 7:57:53
Все как всегда на высоте
23.05.2019 23:05:17
Супер. Спасибо.
23.05.2019 13:52:13
Просто супер продавец. Была проблема. Продавец оперативно все решил и не оставил в беде.
20.05.2019 13:30:27
Огромное спасибо , всё без проблем сработало.
19.05.2019 0:22:32
Чудесный продавец. Купила 3 месяца подписки и надеюсь и дальше покупать! Огромное спасибо и очень рекомендую.
15.05.2019 10:36:58
Все супер!
13.05.2019 7:35:41
Все хорошо
08.05.2019 10:17:22
Отлично! Всё работает!

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