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Loyalty discount! If the total amount of your purchases from the seller more than:

$50 the discount is 5%
$250 the discount is 10%
This option makes sense ONLY for those who want to get a sufficiently large number of subscriptions (3,4,5 or 6 months) just for YOUR OLD account!
According to my personal statistics, in most cases, people hold exactly to their OLD account, if they have purchased a certain number of films / cartoons from their account, so it is important for them to stay on this old account. In most other cases, nothing prevents you from switching to using a new account ... so if you don’t have a FORECAST reason to hold on to your old account, then in this case, I strongly recommend simply selecting in my profile:🔴🔴🔴 </ attention>
... from a variety of available options for NEW accounts with different duration in terms of the number of months of a subscription. It will be for you both CHEAPER and FASTER (after 5 seconds, after the payment is completed, you will automatically receive a login and password and you can immediately start using the new account).
And now the description for those who are still here and for whom it is crucial to get a subscription to the old account ...
I have already tried many times in practice this option in other places (I liked it and my customers liked it), because this saves everyone time (buyers do not need to do anything, but I do not need to engage in tedious advice on technical issues and activation features and problems that arise), so I finally decided to place this ad here. </ delivery>🔴🔴🔴1) To take advantage of this offer, YOU MUST NOT HAVE AN ACTIVE SUBSCRIPTION✔️ it only disables the auto-renewal of the subscription ... so if you haven´t finished your subscription, then wait for it to finish completely.) DO NOT BUY if you still have some kind of subscription. </ attention>🔵🔵🔵2) You can choose from these options (above the buy button, there is a block with a drop-down list of the number of days)
</ attention>attention🔴🔴🔴3) After payment, on the purchase page you will receive a 16-digit code (confirming the purchase). At the bottom of this page will be the correspondence tab with the seller:
You need to send through this correspondence this 16-digit key, as well as your LOGIN and PASSWORDI from YOUR IVI account for which you want to receive the purchased number of months of subscription! </ Attention>attention🔴🔴🔴4) When buying this product, you get a FULL SERVICE PACKAGE: this means that even if there is NO linked credit card in your account (without which no codes can be activated), the card will be linked (you can not even remove it from your profile, in the future to be able to activate other codes) and then activate the paid subscription. </ attention>
P.S. This option is suitable for: Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Belarus and other CIS countries and far abroad.
After YOU send me a message (with ALL the necessary information: the code received after the payment + your LOGIN and PASSWORD from your IVI account) through the tab "correspondence with the seller" you just need to wait 15 minutes (if your a message with a code and a login + password will arrive at the moment when I will be online) until 12 o´clock (if your message with a code and login + password comes at a time when I will be offline). </ attention>
P.S. Most please do not forget to leave positive feedback (enough to spend only 10-15 seconds to write a short review). Thanks in advance for your FEEDBACK! ❤️ </ delivery>
16.04.2019 7:16:41
Все заработало, подписка продлила ь через 15 минут. Спасибо...
21.02.2019 11:54:21
Купил подписку иви на 3 месяца.
Все очень хорошо и быстро
Продавца рекомендую
18.02.2019 17:34:33
Спасибо все супер
08.02.2019 2:44:59
Всё отлично прошло быстро и просто. Приятный в общении продавец. Рекомендую. Есть с чем сравнивать просто ??
02.02.2019 19:25:50
все Норм доверять можно!
12.01.2019 9:33:57
Активировал сертификаты на 5 месяцев за пять минут. Спасибо все быстро и честно.Рекомендую.
08.01.2019 22:57:21
Великолепно всё работает.Спасибо!Рекомендую.
28.12.2018 13:46:00
Спасибо! С наступающим!

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