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Age of Wonders III is the long awaited sequel to the award-winning series of strategy games. It combines construction, war and role-playing. Age of Wonders III - the best turn-based strategy in the world of fantasy for experienced players and beginners.

Build your empire
Rule an empire by choosing one of 6 classes of hero: magician, theocratic, rogue, warlord, archdruid or technocrat.
Learn useful skills unique to your class to develop and arm an empire.
Choose your allies among the six main races (humans, high elves, gnomes, orcs, goblins and draconians) and fantastic monsters.

Explore the living world of fantasy and use its capabilities
Explore a detailed and lively fantasy world where you can search for treasures in more than 50 types of places.
Expand your possessions, building new cities, entering into alliances with monstrous creatures and seizing valuable resources.
Master the most powerful magic, with which you can even change to please the landscape.
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