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Before ordering it is desirable to contact the operator http: //www.plati.maree//asp/seller.aspdid_s=100266, that would check the availability of the necessary technology on the account and clarify other nuances. Terms of fulfillment: 1) To perform LBZ you need to have the necessary equipment. If you do not have it, then we will take pleasure in the pumping. 2) The machine on which the task passes is obliged to be in the top equipment (in the absence of topmodules you should order the pumping). The necessary equipment or gold should be installed on his shift. Crew at least with 1tm full skill, for some tasks a minimum of 2 full perks (the commander of the crew should have a "Sixth Sense"). 3) There must be enough gold on the account if you need to re-equip modules (up to 60 gold per 1 tank) and retrain the crew (specify the amount of gold from the operator). 4) The price for tasks from 1 to 14 are indicated without distinction, if you want to do the task with distinction, then specify the price from the operator. For the 15x tasks, two options are available immediately, both with and without. If the LBZ is made with an additional condition, it does not need to be paid and
is a free bonus gift for you. 5) Presence of a premium account or gold for its purchase. We can do it without it, but in that case there must be a very large stock of silver. 6) The silver on the account must be in sufficient quantity (check with the operator, depends on the complexity and number of tasks). The deadline for the LBZ implementation depends on the specific task and is negotiated with the operator, you can also specify the time for the game.
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Спасибо. Быстро выполнили союз 13
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Всё просто отлично! 2 нереально сложных для меня ЛБЗ выполнили за 3 дня! Быстро и качественно! Советую!
11.11.2018 0:06:53
В день оформления заказа выполнили 2 конченных лбз на 279))