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Languages: English, Russian
Region: Russia and CIS countries
Activation: Steam


Do you want your trips to work to become more cool, but you would not peck at it? When looking at the suburbs you created, you want to exclaim "Rock and Roll!"? In Cities: Skylines, the music you?ve been waiting for has appeared! New rock radio is ready to cheer you up with a whole line of styles and directions: from grunge and classical rock to slime rock and metal. This radio is the best soundtrack for creating your own Detroit Rock City. The main thing, try not to kill all the hotel rooms in the trash!
With Rock City, you not only get new songs, but also DJ Lars. Lars Curtfield, the aging rocker and presenter of the Rock City radio station, written by Stephen K Wells, a DJ writer of ethers and commercials in the previous parts of Cities: Skylines.
On the waves of Rock City Radio you will hear the following songs:
1. Blazing Pearls - It Was not Built To Last
2. Blazing Pearls - Stardog
3. California Saints - Diamonds And Stones
4. California Saints - The Rose on Sunset
5. Catskills - Without You
6. Catskills - You And I
7. Chromosphere - Clusters
8. Chromosphere - The Paradox Lucidity
9. Dreams of Utopia - Taste of Love
10. Dreams of Utopia - Your Temple
11. Freewheelin ?- 7 Years to Life
12. Green River - Could Have Been Me
13. Green River - Road to Ruin
14. Green River - Three Days of Peace
15. NESTOR - Do not Leave Me Dry
16. NESTOR - Lose Myself

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