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We will help to execute the first operation "Excalibur" (for technology from the VI level) quickly and qualitatively. This is a new part of personal combat missions in the game world of tanks.

Launch 2.0 and the RPGcash team is ready to save your time and nerves in the passage of new lbs. Having purchased the tasks, you not only get the tank one of the first, and if the tasks are done before September 18, 2018, then a unique patch!

Before ordering it is desirable to contact the operator, that would check the availability of the necessary equipment on the account and clarify other nuances.

Terms of fulfillment:

1) To perform LBZ you need to have the necessary equipment. If you do not have it, then we will take pleasure in the pumping.

2) The machine on which the task passes is required to be in top equipment (in the absence of top-modules you should order a pumping). The necessary equipment or gold should be installed on his shift. Crew at least with one full skill (the commander of the crew must have a "Sixth Sense").

3) There must be enough gold on the account if you need to re-equip the modules (100 gold) and retrain the crew (specify the amount of gold from the operator).

4) The price for tasks from 1 to 14 are indicated without distinction, if you want to do the task with distinction, then specify the price from the operator. For the 15x tasks, two options are available immediately, both with and without. If the LBZ is made with an additional condition, it does not need to be paid and is a free bonus gift for you.

5) Having a premium account or gold for its purchase. We can do it without it, but in that case there must be a very large stock of silver.

6) Silver on the account must be in sufficient quantity (check with the operator)

The deadline for LBD implementation depends on the specific task and is negotiated with the operator, you can also specify the time for the game.

Technique for LBZ 2.0 world of tanks The second front, Operation Excalibur:

The ideal technique is the UNION:

T-100 LT, об.261, 212А, об.277, ис-7, об.430у, об.907, об.140, WZ-132-1, 121, 121B, WZ-111 5A, 113

Ideal technique Block:

E 50M, E50, Rhm. Pzw, Ru251, Maus, E100, E25, Panther, STB-1, Type 5 Heavy

Perfect technology Alliance:

Conqueror GC, M53 / 55, T92 HMC, Fv3805, Sheridan, T49, M41 Buldog, T71, 60TP, Super Conqueror, T110E3, T57 Heavy, Hellcat, Cromwell, T32, T69, Centurion AX, M48 Patton, M46 Patton

Ideal technique Coalition:

B-C 155 58, B-C 155 55, Lorr. 155 58, AMX 13 105, B-c 25t, TVP 50/51, Skoda T50, AMX 50B, AMX 13 90, FOCH B

If the order was issued without a crew (there are no perks), there is no silver for routine repairs, tank-stock or equipment for the execution of the order is not - return the money minus 5% commission.

If you need replays completed, then choose this item when designing. We will provide replays for free.

To discuss the details of the order, contact us, inform the operator about the order.
14.08.2019 23:07:42
Все сделано быстро и качественно.
13.08.2019 9:35:58
Уже второй раз пользуюсь сервисом. Все топ
10.01.2019 20:52:21
Заказал задачу на экскалибура 15 за союз все готово бонусом 2 лбз
08.01.2019 20:27:31
Спасибо за выполнение заказа. все четко!
01.10.2018 13:21:03
Заказал экскалибур сделали быстро с учётом накопительности заданий фантастически быстро, куда там Джованни и прочим нытикам. Стата скакнула до небес ) заказал химеру следом с нуля . Ребят искренне рекомендую эту команду.
21.09.2018 21:18:41
Молодцы все быстро сделали спасибо еще буду обращатся
17.09.2018 15:39:17
Я вас просто обожаю! Свое дело сделали отлично, еще и несколько реально офигенных реплеев впридачу