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✅ Hurry quantity is limited. COS detachment engineer COS detachment sniper for 12 months

Warface is a free, multiplayer online shooter developed by the world famous company Crytek.

COS squad
Special Operations Command is an organization that coordinates the actions of all French special forces. COS consists of so-called circles, which include different types of units (permanent and those that can be attracted if necessary).
After the purchase you receive:

After the purchase you receive:
✅ COS detachment engineer for 12 months
✅ COS squad sniper for 12 months

⭐Delivery: Electronic PIN activation code in the form of a text form (XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX).
⭐ After payment, you are automatically transferred to the purchase page within 10 seconds, where you receive your goods.
⭐Also, after payment you will receive the goods you bought at the postal address that you specify when buying.
⭐ Delivery Time: Instant Email.
⭐Game: Warface
⭐Code is valid until: 2019.09.10 00:00 Moscow time
1. If you are not yet registered in the game, then go through the registration first.
2. Activate it on the game website:
3. Enter the code in the code field and click "Activate".

We recommend to activate within a month.
09.01.2019 15:13:25
Сайт просто топпп. Всем советую, думал обман, оказался честным, всегда беру у Арама. Удачи)
07.10.2018 11:02:14
Все круто советую всем
06.10.2018 21:47:23
Отлично, товар пришел моментально.
06.10.2018 18:13:29
Спасибо все работает !
06.10.2018 16:21:28
Все отлично, товар пришел очень быстро!! Рекомендую.
06.10.2018 5:48:51
Все отлично,пин код пришел моментально
советую всем
05.10.2018 14:08:03
Все отлично! Спасибо! Моментально на почту прилетел пин.
05.10.2018 12:37:44
Спасибо ! Всё пришло буквально за 15 секунд.
05.10.2018 8:30:55
Все пришло на почту самый лучший сайт топ респект!
04.10.2018 17:39:55
моментально получил,как всегда не разочаровали