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The unique module online store created for the portal system RunCMS.

Full version.

Perfect solution for a quick start of business on the Internet!

Only pros:

+ Unlimited nesting of product categories without a load on the server

+ Several categories for each product

+ Automatically generates a preview image (and again - with no load on the server!)

+ Set of blocks - build your project site

+ Discount programs

+ Built-in affiliate program

+ Multicurrency

+ Easy to update the database through a CSV shop

+ Automatically generates a complete price list in Microsoft Excel format

+ Set of payment systems (including webmoney, RuPAY, PayPal)

+ Add product to cart without registration

+ Simplified registration directly in the commission of an order

+ "CNC" (human-readable URLs)

+ Fully customizable design templates and simple

+ Safety (confirmed XSpider)

+ Compatible with PHP4 and PHP5, RunCMS all versions from 1.1 to 1.4
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