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Instantly after payment and with discounts you get a license activation key for the game Cities: Skylines for Steam.

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Activation: Steam
Publisher: Paradox Interactive
Localization: Russian subtitles
Region of activation: Russia, Ukraine and other CIS countries

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Game features
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- Urban policy: A set of managerial levers over the city and the division of development vector by region.
- Urban areas: You can, at your discretion, refer to individual parts of the city for diversity and identity.
- Road construction and urban zoning.
- Unlocking buildings and services.
- Taxation: Fine-tuning of the city budget and services, setting the price of contributions to residential, commercial and industrial areas for the distribution of territories between the most and least popular buildings.
- Public transport: Build a transport network in your city with buses and railways (subway).
- External relations: Create the conditions for the prosperity of industry and commerce with new customers in neighboring cities.
- Miracles: top content sought by players.
- Giant maps: Discover new sections of the map for the further growth of your cities.
- Simulation of water flow: Experience a new experience in building water infrastructure.
- Polished graphics and completely reworked gameplay.
- Toolkit for creating mods: Built-in opportunity to promote user creativity.

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28.07.2019 9:20:21
все отлично!
18.07.2019 12:02:06
Все отлично,быстро и качественно)
14.07.2019 20:16:34
Все получил, сразу и без проблем
14.07.2019 11:46:57
Спасибо, активировал без проблем
23.06.2019 17:14:44
Дёшево, быстро, активировал моментально.
Спасибо за столь выгодное предложение!
31.05.2019 21:28:25
31.05.2019 8:52:45
27.05.2019 12:32:23
23.05.2019 23:37:37
Thank you for your good game~!!
If you have any gift for me, please do that~!
23.05.2019 23:37:22
Thank you for your good game~!!
If you have any gift for me, please do that~!

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