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Instantly after payment and with discounts you get a license activation key to add Cities Skylines: Mass Transit for Steam.

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Activation: Steam
Localization: Russian subtitles
Publisher: Paradox Interactive
Region: Russia, Ukraine and other CIS countries

Game features:

Mass Transit - the most recent addition to the legendary urban simulator Cities: Skylines. It brings to the game several new features that will allow citizens to move quickly, stylishly and comfortably. Now, residents will be able to move on the water, climb the mountains and even ride through the air - all thanks to the addition of ferries, monorails, cableways and airships to the game.

Also in the game will be added: new office buildings, new interchange nodes for passengers, new scenarios, sights and types of roads. Now the city planners have even more opportunities to make their city truly unique.

Key features:

Create new transport networks in your city and get profits from them to the treasury! Your residents will be able to move around the city on ferries, in airships, on the cable car and on the monorail!

The new transfer hubs will allow passengers to use one building to jump from line to line, change from bus to ferry, or try not to get lost in the monorail – rail – subway terminal.

Test your skills in a series of new scenarios, where you have to solve transport problems and create new transport networks. New types of roads, bridges and canals will allow diversity in the appearance of the city - and also solve its problems. Become an expert on transportation systems and then use this experience to make your city even better!


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почему ключи не могу
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Ключ подошел, спасибо!
12.06.2019 17:50:22
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Fast and good!
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все пришло сразу,спасибо
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Все пришло. Спасибо
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