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We present to your attention the service of performing World Quests Legion for your character.
World Quests can give you several diferente types of rewards:
-Artifact Power
-Class Hall Resources
-Pet Battle Charms
-Profession Materials (depends on your character profession)
-Trade Skill Materials ( Blood of Sargeras)

NOTICE: Before buying, be sure to check with the operator the timing of the order, inform the server and class of your character.
After payment, you need to contact the operator and tell him:

1. Login
2. Password
3. Server, faction and character name
4. Log in if necessary
5. Unique product code (16 characters)

The service is absolutely safe. You pass only the login and password, and the answer to the security question and other important information remain only with you.
31.07.2017 15:11:52
Все супер, быстро сделали, продавец хороший и общительный:D рекомендую заказы брать у них.
28.05.2017 14:24:25