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Epson XP225, XP322, XP323, XP325, XP422, XP423, XP425 Adjustment Program
Epson XP225, XP322, XP323, XP325, XP422, XP423, XP425 (EURO, Belgium, CISMEA) Ver.1.0.3 Service Program

Attention! The program is linked to a PC
Adjustment program Epson XP-225, XP-322, XP-323, XP-325, XP-422, XP-423, XP-425 - is a tool for these printers, the program allows you to reset the counter diaper (otrbotka, absorber) ID register printhead, make printer initialization and other functions.

Language English
The program resets the counter Main pad counter and Platen pad counter
Model / Region:
XP-225: EURO, Belgium
XP-322/325: EURO
XP-422: Belgium
XP-422/425: EURO

The advantage of this program:
Full version (activation of all functions)
The program is designed for our region
Binds iron exclusively for the PC (Windows, you can change and activate the same key)

The program will only work on a single computer that you receive an activation key. Windows can be reinstalled and re-activate the program obtain an activation key. computer configuration can not be changed if you change the motherboard or computer processor, the program will no longer be activated and have to re-buy the activation key.

The program only works on OS: Windows

Some antivirus programs may swear by the program, so while working with the program is to disable them, or add a program to the exceptions.
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05.06.2019 22:22:18
Спасибо огромное все круто , принтер теперь как новый
31.08.2018 21:03:17
Все хорошо.
27.06.2017 9:23:12
спасибо продавцу!!!, прога хорошая рабочая для хр 225
13.04.2017 12:34:19
Спасибо, все работает!