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Sup, Buddy!

Heroes of the Storm - Hero Gul´dan

Platform: PC, (NOT Steam, NOT Origin, NOT Uplay)
Region: Global
Type: CD Key(photo)

You receive your game immediately after purchasing it.

Abandoning the ways of shamanism, Gul´dan entered a pact with the demon lord Kil´jaeden and betrayed his people in exchange for limitless power. But it came at a great cost: Gul´dan must sacrifice part of his own life force to fuel his destructive fel magics. With the orcish Horde under his master´s thrall, both Draenor and Azeroth nearly fell into his grasp. Now, Gul´dan is set to spread his corruption across the Nexus!
Feel free to contact me whenever you need to.
See you, buddy :)
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