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It published a new e-book that tells about the auction eBay. In recent years, the Russian-speaking part of the Internet, growing popularity of auction eBay. From this book you will learn what the auction eBay? What benefit auction can bring to you personally? How to buy on the cheap goods and technology, how you can build your home business and earn serious money? This is a book - your first teacher, your first step into the world of advanced features available to you today, from the comfort of your apartment. Check out eBay! E-book is a CHM-file (help file Windows). OS: Windows 98 / ME / 2000 / XP | Rus. Interface


Book circumvented. !!!! I worked with the auction e-bay, and there are answers to the questions that I had in the beginning of my work with e-bay. What I liked - that's what this book (would I have it from the beginning) would not allow me to make mistakes, because of which I lost much money.

This book describes the most detailed steps of: What is e-bay, how to register to how to make the right purchase and how to sell (the secrets and tips)

I highly recommend reading it especially to those people who make their first steps!

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