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Key events in the game story develops several years after those that have been described in the fifth part of the game. In a world still ruled by the famous K-virus and its modified forms, generating new mutants and zombies. Humanity is trying to fight off the attack in many different ways, but without the special squad soldiers, all these attempts are simply meaningless. In Resident Evil 6 you will become one of those soldiers who protect the land from a terrible virus, erasing everything in its path.

Resident Evil 6 combines dynamic action and the tense atmosphere of the genre of survival horror. You will see again with familiar characters - Leon Kennedy and Chris Redfield, as well as meet with newcomers, including, for example, Jake Muller. As you progress through the story you will visit North America, Eastern Europe and China State Edon Lanshyan province.

We offer three separate, but closely intertwined stories. In each of them the main characters, and each assumes the possibility of playing together - both on the network and one for the console. Company Leon Kennedy will make the US government agent Helena Harper. Chris Redfield join forces with the employee APBT Pierce Nivensom, and son of the famous Albert Ueskera mercenary Jake Mueller, with the support of leading scientists daughter "Umbrella" William and Annette Birkin - Sherry.

- By the outbreak of virus spread around the world. To combat biougrozoy, the heroes have to go to North America, Eastern Europe and China.
- History of Resident Evil 6 is supplied from three points of view - from the face of Chris Redfield, Leon Kennedy and Jake Muller, each of which is accompanied by companions.
- Play Resident Evil 6 can be either alone or with a friend - both for one console, or over a network.
- By Deadly virus is capable of receiving a variety, but always dangerous forms. The Resident Evil series back zombies! Now they run, jump and even use weapons. All this makes them much more dangerous than before. On the territory of Eastern Europe is waiting for the heroes of a new form of mutants - Dzh´avo. These enemies are incredibly fast and can easily regenerate to heal their wounds. Moreover, received significant damage to any area of the body, Dzh´avo can start the process of controlled mutation, again to restore its fighting ability and even get new properties, which makes them even more dangerous and unpredictable. Another form of mutation K-virus - Dolls. The process of mutation of these creatures takes longer, but when he finally completed, to freedom pulled out the most terrible and dangerous creatures.
- Top mode "mercenaries» (Mercenaries), well-proven in the past editions of Resident Evil, will also appear in the new series of the game.
- One of the features Resident Evil 6 will be modified character control. Now the heroes are able to shoot on the run, slide, roll in any direction, hide behind cover and use advanced melee attack

Activation Key:

1. You need to download and install Steam (if not already installed)
2. Register a new account on Steam or go to an existing one.
3. Go to the "My Games" and select "Activate via Steam" and enter the key received immediately after the payment.
4. After activating the game will you be able to download it from Steam.
• You buy goods in the official digital division of belconsole. We are an international, family company with high values. We have 2 physical stores and an office.
• Other games sold by us on -
• Belconsole on the market for more than 10 years.
• More than 54,000 sales, more than 8700 positive responses only on the independent platform, not one unresolved issue for 6 years.
• The official level of webmoney Business Level is more than 800.
• Belconsole is the official dealer of all the largest distributors in the CIS.
• After the purchase, if everything suits you, please write the feedback below under the goods, it is very important for us.
• If you have difficulties with activation, please write below under the product in the correspondence, our technical support will help you.
• Technical problems with the keys can not be solved by phone, thanks for your understanding.
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Спасибо за ключик , всё работает !!!
29.04.2019 13:51:59
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быстро и качественно =)
17.04.2019 13:19:21
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Ключ рабочий
08.04.2019 18:56:02
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Все активировалось! Все отлично!

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