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Good day,
Over many years of experience in the field of transportation more than enough to write this book.

On the freight earned on average 30% of the contract value(i.e. if there is an order for 1 million rubles, the income in this case quietly reaches 300 p m)

In this ebook I´m going to talk about air transport, railway transport and river transport.

What will happen in the book:
1. I will talk in detail about the transportation from China, from Europe, from Asia. I´ll tell you how to directly contact the airline and how to get a discount from them.
2. Also in the book will be base agents of different airlines.
3. With me you will be able to learn all the nuances of air travel in Russia.
4. Will tell all about the cost of services, customs clearance, customs clearance and more.

With the help of this book you can easily open your own logistics company.

Who will be interesting and useful book:
1. People who want to start his trucking company
2. People who are involved in importing goods from China, USA, Europe, etc products(you´ll learn how you can save on shipping)
3. Logisticians
4. People engaged in the sphere of cargo transportation in Russia.
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