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deliveryThe following terms, as the context may mean AdWords AdWords or AdWords Express.
1. The offer is restricted to customers with a billing address in the Ukraine. One advertiser may use only one promotional code.
2. To activate the offer: Enter promotional code to your account to 31/01/2017. To participate in this promotion, you must enter the code within 14 days of when your first AdWords account was registered first show ads.
3. For promotional credit: Start advertising! Proper you promotional credit will be equal to the amount of advertising costs (not including VAT) made from your account between the date you enter the promotional code and 31.01.2017, but the amount of promotional credit can not exceed 900 UAH.
4. When the conditions 2 and 3, you will receive a promotional credit under this proposal for about 5 days. You will see the amount on the ´Payments´ page in your account.
5. Promotional credit applies only to future advertising costs. Promotional credit not charged for advertising costs that occurred before the introduction of the promotional code.
6. Notice of exhaustion promotional credit is not available to advertisers, any advertising expensive than the size of promotional credit is payable in accordance with the chosen method of payment. If you do not want to continue advertising, you can pause or delete your campaigns at any time.
7. In order to be eligible for promotional credit, you must make timely payments for AdWords advertising and avoid breach of contract for services AdWords and AdWords policies for advertisers.
8. General Terms and Conditions are here:
09.11.2017 22:37:09
Быстрая доставка, хорошая цена
25.06.2017 22:39:27
раньше брал, все хорошо, купон рабочий
22.09.2016 14:32:52
Все отлично, промо-код активировался.(3)
22.09.2016 14:32:47
Все отлично, промо-код активировался.(2)
21.09.2016 15:47:09
Все отлично, промо-код активировался.
09.07.2016 18:40:26
30.09.2015 17:11:46
Все окей. Спасибо!

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