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Notification form for a foreign national to work in accordance with the Order of the FMS of Russia from 12.03.2015 N 149 "About the amendments to the Order of the Federal migration service of Russia dated 28 June 2010 № 147 "On the forms and procedure of notification of the Federal migration service on the implementation by foreign citizens of labour activity on the territory of the Russian Federation"
According to the Procedure employers and customers work and services are required on a quarterly basis not later than the last working day of the month following the reporting quarter, notify the Federal Migration Service of Russia or its territorial body which issued a work permit highly qualified specialists on the performance of obligations to pay the salary (remuneration) highly qualified specialists. Notification is made on the last day of the quarter of the calendar year. Determine the order of filling, submission and receipt of the notification form logbook notifications and inquiries about the admission notice.
Also approved the form of the inquiry on the admission notice for the conclusion and termination (termination) of employment contracts or civil contracts for works (services) to foreign nationals. Certificate is issued to the notifier, or its representative, if the notice is submitted directly to the territorial office of the FMS of Russia.
The new wording of the notification form:
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