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By buying HERO (Heroes Of The Storm)- Li-Li you obtain the license activation key instantly after payment in personal account

This key permits access only to one hero - Li-Li

Region: EN/EU
Release date: 2 June 2015
Localization: Russian/Multilang
Developers: Blizzard Entertainment
Publishers: Softklab

►Product description:◄
Li Li was born on the Wandering Isle (which is actually not an island, but a great turtle, Shen-Zin su). Lived her calm and measured, until one day she not caught the eye of record her uncle Chen. He possessed great hunting to change places. She loves adventure, travel, new lands... and to annoy the heroes in the Valley of the Four Winds.

• Basic ability to:
- Healing broth
Heals the ally with the lowest health (especially the heroes) a moderate amount of health.

- Cloud serpent
Calls for assistance to the target allied hero cloud serpent that automatically attacks nearby enemies, dealing minor damage. One hero at a time can help only one cloud serpent. Duration — 8 sec.

- Blinding wind
Throws in two nearby enemies with a blinding cloud of wind, dealing moderate damage (primarily to enemy heroes). Affected enemies for 4 sec. can´t hit the target in the following two auto attacks.

• Heroic abilities:

Pitcher thousand mugs
Quickly throws the ally with the lowest health medicinal decoction (especially the heroes), for 6 h. restoring him a substantial amount of health.

- The water dragon
Encourages water dragon, a moment later, striking the nearest enemy hero and all nearby enemies, inflicting significant damage and reducing their movement speed by 70% for 4 sec.
!!!ATTENTION!!! Every third client (in random order) left a positive review after purchasing the game, will get at your Email address used during the purchase of goods, the individual activation key gift Steam games. As a gift you get one of the over 30 different games to Steam. The distribution of keys within 48 hours excluding weekend days from the moment of writing the review.

ATTENTION: the Given key for activation

How to start playing Heroes of the Storm:
• Log in to your account or register a new one if you don´t have one. (
• Go to the activation page ( and enter the key Heroes of the Storm
• You will then be able to download the new version Heroes of the Storm.
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