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Paying this product you will get a license key activation PHOTOS out of the box the game "Heroes of the Storm - Starter Pack", from the company "1C-SoftKlab" to enable the Russian-speaking European account in - RU -
Key collection takes place automatically, immediately after the payment.

• ● • Complete editions Starter Pack • ● •

• 5 characters (Tan, Zeratul, Sonia, Lee Lee and Jaina Proudmoore);
• Additional shape of "Ronin" for Zeratul;
• Exclusive Golden Tiger mount.

This play set contains only vnutreigrovoy content, access to the game is free.

Genre: role-playing game (RPG)
Developer: Blizzard
Published in Russia: "1C-SoftKlab"
Language Release: Completely in Russian
Region: Russia, CIS
Age Rating: 12+
Release Date: June 2, 2015

GAME DESCRIPTION "Heroes of the Storm":

The game "Heroes of the Storm" has absorbed more than 20-year history of Blizzard with its unique game worlds and legendary characters, becoming a fabulous and extremely unusual team competition. It is possible to make a "classic" Battle: Between Diablo Tyrael or Arthas and Uther. With it you will be able to resolve long-standing disputes about who is stronger: Raynor or Thrall. Cope if Zeratul Illidan? Which is cooler: Kerrigan or demon hunter of Diablo III? You are waiting for endless possibilities and combinations of characters and game worlds Blizzard!

A distinctive feature of the Heroes of the Storm - a convenient and intuitive gameplay, designed for team actions. This game is different quality and depth of study and a variety of features. Help your allies in group fights, going through unique tests on various maps, and remember that players will unitedly, always closer to success! The variety of characters, you can always pick out someone to taste - from cold-blooded murderers and destroyers of cities to professional healers. Each character is able to make a significant contribution to command the battle!

GAME FEATURES "Heroes of the Storm":

• Thrall, Kerrigan, Diablo, Arthas, Zeratul, Tyrael - they´re all here and ready for any test in the crucible of the eternal battle. With whom do you go into battle? Choose your favorite characters from the 20-year-old Arsenal Blizzard.
• The Heroes of the Storm you will have many ways to change the look and skills of their heroes. You can choose to have a unique specialization, heroic abilities and combat characteristics, which will radically change the style of play. Different appearance of the characters allow you to look your best, and thanks to a mount, you can move around the battlefield quickly and beautifully.
• The tension and unpredictability inherent in all fights team battles, and Heroes of the Storm is no exception - you are waiting for a very dynamic network battles. You may be able to fairly quickly away with a couple of games, but be warned, the thought "I played a minute more time!" Will continue to haunt you.
• The Heroes of the Storm you have to fight in various battlefields, each of which has a key element that determines the strategy and significantly affects the balance of power. At one of the fields of battle you will encounter a ghost pirate ship, the captain is happy to direct its guns on the enemy fortifications if to pay him. On the other you have to go down deep into the earth to collect the bones of skeletons and create a terrible golem, which will attack enemies on the surface.
• Each battlefield has its own secrets, and they - the key to a brilliant victory. Haunted pirate ships, changeable mood Lord Ravens and cemetery golems may not be less dangerous than the opposing team. The choice is yours: fine-tune the strategy to combat a particular card or a fiasco.
KEY ACTIVATION "Heroes of the Storm":

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This play set contains only vnutreigrovoy content, access to the game is free.

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