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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 - Continuation of the acclaimed action movie Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, sold around the world in 14 million copies and was awarded the title "Game of 2007" from the majority of game titles.

The action in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 a few years after the events that occurred in the first part of the blockbuster.

As part of the anti-terrorism special detachment under the command of Captain John McTavish, the player will take part in the most dangerous operations in various parts of the world: in the snowy mountains of Kazakhstan and the slums of Rio de Janeiro, in the sands of Afghanistan and even in the vast expanses of Russia. In breathtaking and hand-to-hand fighting with extremists, elite squad fighters will use the latest weapons, equipment and technology.

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Game features:
• New operations. Large-scale single player campaign that continues the events of the original game.
• Shoulder to shoulder. Cooperative mode "special operations", which presents a number of scenarios for two participants. As the fighters gain experience, they will open more and more complex missions, both echoing the single-player campaign and completely independent.
• Against each other. New multiplayer modes, as well as unique abilities and skills that are only available in online battles.
• Risk to life. Performing dangerous missions in extreme conditions: in the snow-capped mountains, lifeless deserts and even under water, players will use all sorts of modern weapons, the latest equipment and technology.
• Beautiful action. Spectacular dynamic skirmishes and brutal melee fights, in terms of entertainment not inferior to episodes of the best Hollywood action films.
22.07.2019 18:12:31
Всё OK, товаром доволен
21.07.2019 21:17:44
Ключ получил, спасибо.
15.07.2019 11:08:01
Всё ок, спасибо!
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09.02.2016 19:03:55
Благодарю продавца за полученный товар!
10.01.2016 23:10:54
Купил у ребят уже две игры. Всё дошло - один раз текстовый файл, один раз фото кода. Всё успешно активировалось в Steam. Спасибо!
22.02.2015 8:43:12
ХОЧУ получить подарок Steam игры
22.02.2015 3:32:31
всё отлично

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