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The app provides detailed and accurate weather forecasts for more than 100 000 places all over the world, has an incredibly beautiful user interface with a variety of themes for widgets.
Key features:

Accurate weather forecast for over 100 000 places around the world.

Detailed forecast, including time, date, to feel the maximum and minimum temperature, wind speed and direction, humidity, visibility, sunrise and sunset, serious alarms, etc.

Built-in world clock displays the current time and weather forecast for selected cities.

24-hour and 10-day detailed weather forecast.

The possibility of obtaining the weather for multiple cities convenient to use while traveling.

2 * 1 * 4 1 4 * 2 widget for current weather and 4 * 1 4 * 2 widgets for weather forecasting for the future.

Themes for widgets and live wallpaper supports more than seven weather conditions day and night mode: clear the rain, snow, thunder is heard, cloudy, overcast and foggy.

Platform: android 2.1 +

Interface languages: Russian and other
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