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* Lovers of strategies, rejoice. Yes, and fans of other genres, perhaps, too. After all, now on the counter of our store appeared the fifth part of the famous turn-based strategy - Sid Meier`s Civilization 5 Complete Edition.

* Now you are at the helm. You control the state. New functions, diplomatic relations, new combat systems - you will understand that managing a whole state is a fascinating business, albeit not an easy one.

Includes 14 items: civilization in civilization V: Gods and kings of civilization V: brave new world, civilization-in pack: Babylon (Nebuchadnezzar III), then civilization and scenario: Polynesia, civilizations and scenario: Denmark - Vikings, civilizations and scenario: Korea, double civilization and scenario: Spain and the Incas, Wonders of the Ancient World script package, 4 packs of cards cradle of civilization (Mediterranean, Asia, South America, Mesopotamia), map guide, fried eggs on the map of the mainland package, United Nations Egg Pack and conquering new with Enar World Suite.

Flagship Turn-based Strategy Returns

Become the ruler of the world, founding and leading civilization from the dawn of man to the space age: wage war, conduct diplomacy, discover new technologies, go face to face with some of the greatest leaders in history and build the most powerful empire the world has ever known.

Special features
Inviting a presentation: go straight and play at your own pace with an intuitive interface that facilitates new players in the game. Siv veterans will appreciate the depth, detail and control that highlights the series.
A believable world: ultra-realistic graphics show off lush landscapes for you to explore, fight and claim your own. Art Deco is abundant in the menu and well-designed Siv ever developed.

Community and multiplayer: compete with Civ players around the world or locally in LAN games, mod * Play in unprecedented ways and install mods directly from the community gaming center without leaving the game. Civilization V brings the community to the fore.

Broad system compatibility: Civilization V runs on many different systems, from high-end DX11 desktops to many laptops. Choose a PC method with your Steam account and take your Siv experience with you everywhere you go.

All new features: a new hex-based gameplay grid opens up exciting new combat and construction strategies. City-states are becoming a new resource in your diplomatic battleground. Improved diplomacy system allows you to negotiate with the rulers of other countries. Custom music scores and orchestral recordings give Civ V the level of Polish language and quality you expect from the series.
- The given key to activate on Steam

How to start playing :

1.Download and install Steam, create an account or login to an existing account.
2. In Steam, select "Activate via Steam...", and enter your license key
3. After activation you can download from your account or from Steam
23.03.2019 20:04:26
09.03.2019 11:54:52
07.03.2019 22:52:31
Всё отлично) Ключ сразу же получил. Круто было бы бонус получить))
07.03.2019 21:19:36
Vse norm
05.03.2019 18:42:30
Всё прекрасно!
Продавец отправил верный товар.
Если будет какой нибудь бонус, то буду покупать ещё)
21.02.2019 11:50:14
Все прекрасно! Купил, активировал ключ и сижу жду пока скачается +rep (На следующий день прислали подарок)
08.02.2019 13:24:54
First key i got didn´t work, messaged seller and he sent me a working one within 12hours, +rep
07.02.2019 16:07:31
Получил быстро,все работает.
05.02.2019 1:28:05
Ключ активировался, что такое +бонус не очень понятно, но и черт бы с ним
14.06.2016 15:49:58
Всё пришло мгновенно, спасибо большое !
Буду ждать бонус)

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