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✔ Black Edition, a special version of the game which consists of the following bonuses:

➥ exclusive cars Mercedes Benz SLS AMG Black Series
➥ livery Exclusive Black Edition White Ravenwest
➥ 20 additional liveries Black Edition for use online;
➥ 10 new jobs with premium sponsors.

Release date: 27/06/2014
Region: Region Free

≈ GRID: AUTOSPORT ≈ continuation of the famous racing franchise, allowing take the wheel of modern and classic racing cars. Arrange hurricane standoff with friends (Multiplayer) or advanced AI, feel the power of luxury cars and an unforgettable adrenaline rush. Maintain a hundred on the highways, requisitions for leadership in five disciplines!
And if the standard configuration of the car seemed imperfect, it offers ample opportunities for customization and the creation of the car of your dreams!


✧ Go through all the stages of a career racer. Take part in the race, change teams, earn rewards, win the competition!

✧ requisitions for leadership in five racing disciplines. Take part in street races, endurance racing or drift (do not forget to monitor the condition of the tires).

✧ chase and tuning. It offers the most famous racing cars that you can improve in accordance with their wishes. In addition, you can create your own collection of luxury cars and show it online.

✧ team competition. Gather friends and create your own club racers through the service RaceNet. Take part in races against other teams, earn points, climb to the top of board leaders.

✧ Authentic control. Playing in the GRID: AUTOSPORT, you will be able to sit behind the wheel of the most famous modern and classic racing cars. The game creators have made every effort to control each machine corresponds to its counterparts. At the same time, keep the "golden mean" - the complexity of managing a cross between arcade and simulation.

✧ realistic artificial intelligence. Feel the entire drive lightning race against rivals managed advanced AI. Feel the virtual pilot bends the line, not letting you get ahead.

✧ tense race. In those moments, when the engine roar, cheering spectators and riders compete in skill, it is important at every moment. The ability to switch between views and to communicate by radio with his teammates, will give a feeling of complete control over the situation.
Dive into the world of motorsport. GRID: AUTOSPORT offers the player to fly on any of a hundred lines, located in twenty-two parts of the world. Do this in career mode, multiplayer gaming, or good old mode Split-Screen.


✔ 22 locations, more than 100 different routes
✔ 6 different disciplines, long career and exciting multiplayer modes

02.01.2019 0:56:33
Ключ сразу после оплаты, стим все принял, круто! Жду подарок.
31.05.2018 18:04:37
Отлично!! Хочу подарок))
26.04.2018 20:42:07
Всё отлично, ключ пришёл моментально, всё установилось и работает.

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