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Скульптурирующий массаж — это на сегодняшний день одна из самых популярных методик коррекции фигуры, эффективность которой доказана многочисленными исследованиями. Эта техника мануальных воздействий официально признана в России и сертифицирована Европейской Федерацией массажа и ароматерапии (IFPA IGPP), широко применяется в Европе и некоторых странах Южной Америки.
Skulpturiruyuschy massage - this is by far one of the most popular methods of correction, the effectiveness of which has been demonstrated by numerous studies. This technique of manual actions in Russia officially recognized and certified by the European Federation of massage and aromatherapy (IFPA IGPP), widely used in Europe and some South American countries.

Unlike other massage techniques such orientation, author's technique skulpturiruyuschego A.I.Grebennikova massage - is not just a set of individual techniques, but also their particular sequence, with the women's monthly cycles and phases of the moon. In this kind of attention is paid to the massage selectively affects certain areas, power and technique that varies depending on the purpose of massage, which increases its effectiveness by half compared with the classical massage.

In addition, skulpturiruyuschy massage does not include painful and hard tricks, all its procedures are simple in design and quite pleasant for patients. This course allows you to get a massage significantly reduce the volume of subcutaneous fat and significantly improve body shape.

This practical guide is designed for massage therapists, physical therapists, coaches, physical therapy, medical students and all those interested in this topic.
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