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By buying this product you will receive random gun from the game Counter-Strike: Global offensive in the chosen amount.
+ After buying one to leave positive feedback and are guaranteed to get a gift - another random weapon!

Transmission occurs through the menu object exchange on Steam or tradeoffers Online Steam.

Describing Objects

+ Fall only weapon is not the case!
+ Condition of the subject can be from just from the factory to the battle-hardened.
+ For successful transfer of items you need to have Steam guard included more than 7 days, as well as all conditions are fulfilled for sharing on Steam according to the user agreement Steam.


+ After purchase please contact us in the correspondence with the seller of the purchased item to the page, or on Skype Amediashop and specify:
1. Web-links to your profile on Steam.
2. The 16-digit unique code - is provided to you after payment.

10.04.2019 13:33:05
Never profits
02.04.2019 16:37:41
Всё хорошо
16.02.2019 16:01:01
Всё класс. Продавец не обманул. Берите только у него
29.01.2019 14:14:26
Хочу еще скин)
20.01.2019 16:14:09
Всё хорошо. Спасибо
14.12.2018 16:41:10
good seller
05.12.2018 16:03:37
В принципе, всё ок
08.11.2018 22:10:57
Все отлично!
07.11.2018 15:23:36
все ок. Пришло.
29.09.2018 17:32:43