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The legendary one-handed mace - the object level 245. It is a quest reward Val´anyr, Hammer of Ancient Kings This - the first legendary weapon for Hill, exists in the game. It can be worn by all classes Hill (paladins / shamans / priests / druids)

Sodzanny titans Val´anyr was awarded the first king of Earthworks (ancestors of the dwarves), Hurel Stone Heart. With him the governor had to give life and peace to his brothers.

Alas, Val´anyr was destroyed during the first war between Earthlings and splinter Dark Iron dwarves. It was believed that the remains of relics were irretrievably lost in this conflict, but as we see part still intact.

For legendary items "Val´anyr, Hammer of Ancient Kings" is necessary:

- Pay for goods.

- After payment, contact the operator and tell him your unique code, the game server, faction and the nickname of the character. For legendary subject, we need your login and password to your account. We guarantee that all your account information will be safe and sound while we deal with your order. When ordering, you need to discuss a time when your account is free.

Delivery time 2-3 months.

For the positive feedback we give a bonus of 20,000 gold.

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