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ARK: Survival Evolved - Steam Key - Region Free

After payment you will instantly receive a license key to activate the game ARK: Survival Evolved in the Steam system and enable all network functions in the game.

Our guarantees:
- 15 years on! The quality checked by time!
- Over 140 thousand sales!
- Over 40 thousand positive reviews!
- Business level Webmoney - 550!
- For all goods a lifetime warranty!

The game has no territorial restrictions - REGION FREE and is suitable for activation in any country.

BONUS CHANCE PROMOTION - when you purchase a game, you have a chance to get a free key from a random game. Random random key will be sent with every fifth product sold, received a positive review. Leave a positive review about the product, specify "I want a gift" in it and maybe you are lucky! Good luck to all!

Languages: russian, english, french, italian, german, spanish, portuguese, chinese, czech, turkish, ukrainian, finnish, japanese, korean

Being thrown naked on the shore of a mysterious island called ARK, freezing and dying of hunger, you will have to hunt, gather resources, create objects, grow crops, explore technologies and build shelters to withstand weather conditions. Use your cunning and resources to kill or tame and breed the huge dinosaurs and other primitive creatures inhabiting the island, and unite with hundreds of other players or hunt them to survive, dominate ... and overcome difficulties!

The following features are present in the game from the first day of launch in early access. In the long term, the development of the game we have planned a lot more features and improvements, but what is right now available to you in ARK:


@MediaSoft - 15 years on! The quality checked by time!
Key activation instructions:

1. Download and install Steam, register an account on Steam.
2. Start the Steam client, log in to your account and click "Add game - activate via Steam" and follow the instructions. After activation, the game will appear in the list of games and you can download it.

If you have additional questions, contact the seller in the online chat or write to the e-mail.

Attention! The seller is only responsible for the activation of the key or Gift! And it is not responsible for technical problems at startup, in the game and inconsistency of the PC and system parameters. All such problems are solved through official technical support from publishers.

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11.11.2019 19:12:50
Все отлично!)
04.11.2019 17:20:18
Ключь работает.Можно подарок?
04.06.2019 22:49:42
Fast and good
15.01.2019 15:56:18
Спасибо).. товар принят).. а подарок не успел ?)
13.01.2019 10:14:51
23.09.2017 17:11:24
Лучший сервис из всех что я когда либо видел.
28.02.2017 16:37:45
Всё сработало, отлично!
18.02.2017 18:01:34
Получил ключ! Жду подарок))
15.02.2017 1:06:15
спасимбо все круто и на высоте
16.11.2016 18:20:19
Всё отлично! Купил 2 ключа, надеюсь на хороший подарок!

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