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DLC Map "Sewer Wastes"

Information on Rage

Developer: id Software
Publisher: 1C-SoftKlab
Language: Russian (text and audio)
Release Date: October 7, 2011
Region: Russia, CIS

Description of the game:
When humanity was threatened with destruction from the collision of Earth with a giant asteroid, the leaders of all nations decided to create a special ark, in which elected would have found refuge deep beneath the surface of the planet ... They have to revive life on Earth, after the danger has passed.
You were among the favorites. Years after the disaster arks were opened, and you find yourself in a world that is very different from before. But, most importantly, not all of its residents are looking forward to your return.

You have to learn to fight and survive. Remember, time is very small - the bandits, mutants, and even local government are already on your trail.

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Instructions on how to activate purchased key:


1. Download, install and run Steam:

2. Register an account Steam.

3. Open the tab "My Games" from the top menu, at the bottom click "Activate via Steam ..."

4. You will be asked to enter the product code, enter the key purchased from us.

4. Prepare the installation process (download)

5. Play.
17.04.2019 21:05:36
Спасибо продавцу , товар пришёл!
05.07.2018 14:43:53
Ключ получил.
28.07.2017 23:26:19
Все ок спасибо
28.07.2017 19:49:58
Спасибо код пришел
25.07.2017 22:31:06
Фото с кодом получил сразу после оплаты. Игра активировалась на Стим аккаунте.
14.06.2017 22:11:40
Фото пришло, спасибо!
04.06.2017 14:22:35
31.12.2016 12:37:32
Код активировался, спасибо =)
24.12.2016 19:17:59
01.12.2016 16:44:29

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